[Worldkings] Top ideas organizations in the world (P. 42) Academy of Ideas (UK) The center of intellectual freedom and ideas discovery


(Worldkings.org) Since its founding in 2000, Academy of Ideas has hosted thousands of public debates, festivals, forums and meetings where people from all walks of life come together to engage in public debates. clever - often on controversial topics - to challenge the current orthodox views.

The Academy of Ideas has been hosting free and public debates for over 20 years. Since 2000, AOI has hosted international debate championships, day schools, national conferences and regional meetups. The philosophy of the AOI has always been that public debates must be held in public and with the public. During the confines of the Covid-19 measures, the AOI has initiated a series of regular online debates and discussions.


AOI aims through its events, projects and meetings to create an atmosphere of intellectual freedom and space to explore new ideas, research and trends without limits. AOI events always aim to be a public intellectual gathering: like a real university.

The Academy of Ideas hosts an annual two-day festival, the Battle of Ideas. The Academy also produces satellite events for Battle of Ideas across the UK and Europe. AOI also produces independent events, as well as podcasts of debates and discussions on current events.


According to academyofideas.org.uk

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