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(Worldkings.org) La Vie des Idées is a free online journal which has gained a large readership and established itself in France as a major place for intellectual debate since 2007.

La Vie des Idées is a journal founded in 2005 by the historian Pierre Rosanvallon and housed at the Collège de France. It is published on the Internet and present on the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ...). Published by the think tank La République des Idées, it was first published on paper, before going on the Internet in 2007 as an online journal. It defines itself as an “international information monthly on the debate of ideas”. She publishes five articles (essays, reviews, interviews and podcasts) in French each week.


The journal's content emphasizes pluri- and trans-disciplinarity, and embraces all the political and social sciences, with one central concern: offering short, highly readable, and unpublished pieces of outstanding scholarship to the general public. To do this, La Vie relies on a network of reporters based in Europe, Russia, the Americas as well as Asia.

La Vie provides free quality information about current intellectual life and international publications by drawing on the enhanced accessibility, the thematic dossiers, the videos, and the responsiveness afforded by the internet.


The magazine has three main headings:

  • “Books & Studies”: reviews of works recently published in the humanities and social sciences, in France and abroad;
  • “Essays & debates”: in-depth articles that the editorial staff commissions or receives and that it evaluates;
  • “Ideas of the world”: texts that show what is causing debate abroad.

In 2022, it is co-directed by François Héran and Pierre Rosanvallon, with Florent Guénard as editorial director and several researchers as editors-in-chief (Nicolas Delalande, Nicolas Duvoux, Ivan Jablonka, Marieke Louis 2, Jules Naudet, Pauline Peretz ...).


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