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(Worldkings.org) Airbus Fly Your Ideas is a worldwide competition challenging students from all disciplines to develop new ideas for the future of aviation.

Airbus Fly Your Ideas is a worldwide competition that challenges students of all disciplines to innovate with Airbus for a sustainable aviation industry. In partnership with UNESCO, the competition is delivered by Airbus, the global organisation designing, manufacturing and supporting the world's leading aircraft. Fly Your Ideas is a biennial competition that offers students from around the world the opportunity to apply their classroom learning and research to solving real-world challenges.


Fly Your Ideas encourages students worldwide to activate their pioneering spirit and innovate for the future of aerospace. With support from Airbus, teams tackle global challenges by harnessing the latest digital tools and technologies to create a safer, cleaner and better-connected world.

Airbus Fly Your Ideas runs the competition in six key areas: Electrification, Data Services, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality. Fly Your Ideas invites students worldwide to submit proposals to tackle real aerospace engineering in these areas.

  • Electrification: How can we fly farther, longer and cleaner by developing embedded electrical energy systems?
  • Data services: What innovative applications and services can you create based on Airbus data?
  • Cyber security: How can we securely and seamlessly authenticate travellers while minimising the impact on passengers, airport security and airlines?
  • Internet of Things: How can this revolutionise the passenger experience or improve collaboration in the aerospace industry?
  • Artificial Intelligence: In the future of aerospace or industrial manufacturing, how can we use AI to identify opportunities or entirely new business models?
  • Mixed Reality: How can the aerospace industry put Apple and Google’s mass market Mixed Reality apps to work?


Fly Your Ideas consists of 3 rounds of competition. In which, round 1 is presenting ideas; round 2 is Idea development and mentoring; and round 3 is the live final. Up to six finalist teams are selected to progress to Round 3, during which they develop and prototype their projects, then present them to an expert jury at the live final.

Since its launch by Airbus in 2008 and the signing of a partnership agreement with UNESCO in 2012, over 22,000 students have registered for Fly Your Ideas from over 700 universities and 100 countries worldwide, with more than 500 Airbus employees contributing their mentorship and expertise to support the competition.


According to airbus.com

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