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(Worldkings.org) IDEAS is a research and policy institute established with a vision to produce public policy research that strengthens the economic and social foundations of a vibrant and tolerant democracy in Pakistan.

IDEAS (abbreviated by Institute of Development & Economic Alternatives) is a non-profit research organization established in June 2012 in Lahore, Pakistan with a vision to strengthen the economic and social foundation of democracy in the country.  Over the past decade, IDEAS has become a knowledge hub known for producing work that is strategic, consistent and long-term.


The founding objective of IDEAS was to identify pivotal opportunities of policy reform through research, both in terms of feasibility and impact, and subsequently use that knowledge for advocacy and policy engagement. IDEAS was established to inform and broaden the policy debate by identifying and prioritizing issues in keeping with the Institute’s vision, to carry out rigorous research, and to advise and engage in policy design. The mission is also to support local research capacity to allow both state and civil society to access policy advice from locally based organizations.

The organizational objectives include:

  • To shape the agenda around popular discussion and policy discussion in the chosen areas of work.
  • To use evidence-based research to shape relevant discourse and policy discussion.
  • To work on issues that help deepen Pakistan’s democratic, economic and social development.

The rationale behind IDEAS is to create and strengthen local capacity to undertake rigorous research and advocacy on economic and social issues critical to Pakistan’s economic sustainability and democratic future, which essentially depend on reducing socio-economic inequalities and countering political and social polarisation through representative and responsive institutions.


IDEAS works to produce rigorous public policy research on issues critical for Pakistan’s social, economic, institutional, and political development. Working closely with academic, government and non-governmental partners IDEAS engages in empirically oriented, innovative, multi-method, multidisciplinary research in areas of human development (including education and public health), public finance and institutional and governance reform.

IDEAS is registered and incorporated under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance Act of 1984 as a non-profit public company. The Board of Directors works in conjunction with a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer to manage the institute.


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