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(Worldkings.org) Quartz is a place where the world’s most original and creative thinkers gather to present their boldest ideas. It explores the leading thinking about the world’s most pressing issues.

Quartz was founded in 2012 to be the greatest ally and resource for purpose-driven professionals in search of the new approaches to business. Quartz's journalists around the world produce smart and insightful analysis of the global economy to help their readers discover new industries, new markets, and new ways of doing business that are more sustainable, innovative, and inclusive.


Business leaders choose Quartz because its work, both the journalism and how Quartz presents its ideas, stands in contrast to the usual voices in business media:

  • It offers a global worldview.
  • It focuses on the intersection of important and interesting.
  • It is progressive and evidence-based.
  • It proposes solutions to big problems.
  • It builds delightful and easy-to-use editorial products.


Quartz readers are the next generation of business leaders. They are global citizens, crave purpose in their work, and care deeply about the impact of their companies on broader society.

Quartz’s journalism helps these leaders extract knowledge from news, focus on important economic shifts, and take action on their convictions. It produces journalism across a range of platforms, with a particular focus on design, user experience, and new forms of storytelling.

The Quartz Ideas network is made up of entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, artists, and executives whose experience and expertise provide surprising insights and provoke conversation and debate. Together, they peer around corners to reveal the future shape of the global economy.


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