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(Worldkings.org) IFLA Global Vision Ideas Store, a “store” that hosts thousands of ideas shared by librarians from around the world.

Here you can explore a broad range of ideas submitted by colleagues from around the globe, while you can also submit your own ideas and change the picture of the global library field. You can get inspired to engage your communities and help create a strong and united library field powering literate, informed and participative societies. In addition, you are allowed to use the Ideas Store as a resource for inspiration and become a proud member of the global library family.


The Ideas Store is the culmination of a global consultation process that IFLA undertook through its Global Vision project. As a dynamic resource of ideas available to all librarians around the world, the Ideas Store is the brainchild of the global library and information professionals and provides a unique source of inspiration for the strategic and daily work of librarians worldwide.


From advocacy and community needs, to technological and digital, to changing behaviors and developing young leaders, the ideas are there to inspire you to take action, and to share your own ideas.

"Vision without execution is a hallucination and the Ideas Store is the unique platform of inspirational ideas for a strong and united library field. Here you will find inspiring, creative and useful ideas from a vibrant library field around the globe! Go on and explore the ideas, get inspired and influence your communities. It’s a collective vision for the future of libraries worldwide." - Says Gerald Leitner, IFLA Secretary General.


This biggest store of ideas was originally envisioned as a tool to make the Global Vision a reality. Global Vision was a 2017-2018 project that brought together over 30,000 people from 190 UN Member states who shared over 8,500 ideas to inspire and engage the global library field.

According to ideas.ifla.org

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