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(Worldkings.org) Through InventEd, students develop the knowledge, skills and creative thinking to unlock their creative confidence and prepare them to thrive in the innovation economy.

InventEd is an initiative launched by The Lemelson Foundation to unite a network of K-12 educators, nonprofit leaders, researchers, government agencies, funders and others who are advancing the field of Invention Education.

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Invention Education teaches essential skills students need, whether they become inventors or not. It provides a safe learning environment that encourages students to take risks, experience failure, and be comfortable in ambiguity. Students increase their self-confidence and resilience, as well as develop leadership skills.

The problem identification process core to Invention Education also helps students develop critical “soft” skills such as empathy and gives them a greater appreciation for inclusivity in problem solving.

Invention has proven to be a critical driver of economic growth and high quality, high paying jobs. Future leaders will need skills such as empathy and inclusion, as well as technical knowledge (e.g. STEM, computer science) to both thrive in and create the industries and jobs of tomorrow.

Invention Education builds these skills and mindsets in an engaging, fun way, preparing students to thrive in a future yet to be determined, in industries yet to be imagined, and in jobs yet to be created.

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More generally, Invention Education can awaken one’s creativity, “can-do attitude,” and self-confidence in problem solving as well as empathy and understanding of the social world through a problem-seeking and problem-solving lens.

The InventEd Network is a coalition of K-12 educators, nonprofit leaders, researchers, government agencies, funders, and others who are building and supporting the field of Invention Education. They work together throughout the year to learn from one another, share resources and progress, collectively identify and solve problems that advance the field, and increase engagement and understanding of Invention Education.


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