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(Worldkings.org) Any ideas, topics or discussions relevant to female inventors, authors and creators are welcome to be considered by Inventing Women Magazine.

The women's magazine, Inventing Women Magazine, is an organization and resource portal for women who want to take an idea from that first “spark” to market. It might be an idea for a new product, service, book or other tools that others will find of value.

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There are many steps involved in getting an idea “flying high” and reaching its target audience. The good news is that wherever you are in the process, Inventing Women was born to help you. The company is bringing together tools, resources and experts in one place to help you succeed. If you have a product, service, or idea the world has been waiting for, then this is the best place for you to develop it.

As an inventor, author or product creator, you undoubtedly know that having an idea is only the beginning. The road to getting your idea to market is a long and often disappointing one. For instance, if the statistics are correct, that 95% of all inventions are never fully realized either tangibly or financially. Even with the ease of self-publishing over traditional publishing, thousands of books never get published. And if you have an idea for a product in an industry with lots of competition (beauty and fashion are two such industries that come to mine), your chances of success are often not optimistic.

Photo: Inventing Women Magazine

Inventing Women wants to help change the statistics, to slant them in your favor. By giving women a platform to share about your work, the company's goal is to increase your reach and tap into a broader market base. Inventing Women Magazine does that by sharing the stories of women creators.


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