[Worldkings] Top Ideas Organizations in the World (P. 113) Ideas for Global Brands (Hungary): The ideal destination to help you submit innovative ideas for the big global brands


(Worldkings.org) The goal of Ideas for Global Brands is to discover new ideas, and deliver them to the right places, where there are enough resources and willingness to execute them.

Ideas for Global Brands is an intermediary platform that collects links of global brands leading to their idea submission/purchasing page. Thereby, you can submit ideas directly through the brand's website relevant to your idea.

If an internation brand is chosing its Idea Challange service, and request ideas from its users, it can happen that high number of ideas are comming in. Based on the brief received from the international brand the platform can pre-select the ideas, save time for its client and forward only the most relevant ones. Of course ideas are treated at the highest confidentiality standards.

Not only that, the platform intends to get in touch with more and more students worldwide, and once an international company is raising a specific problem to Ideas for Global Brands, its users (both students and proffessionals of a various industries) can find solutions, provide all sort of proposals, work out details in order to solve the given problem.


Some benefits for idea owners:

- Win an IDEA AWARD* provided by one of the biggest companies in the world. Put it in your CV. It proves that you are a great mind.

- Some companies reward the ideas with financial prizes. This is mainly done trough Idea Challenge feature from the platform. The level of the prize can be different case by case. Usually the reward from international companies will be 1000-5000 USD for the best idea winner of the month.

- Quite many of the international companies are seaking for innvative talents. Through submitting ideas you can potentially obtain a job offer from the headquarters of the biggest brands in the world.

- If you have a start up which is well fitting to the profile of a given international company, you can provide them a selling proposition. It is important that there should be really proper link in between the core business of the international company and your start up.


Benefits that ideas bring to companies:

- It improves brand oppinion and value.

- It attracts new customers, but it also improves overall customer satisfaction, which increases loyalty to the given brand.

- It improves productivity, it reduces costs and eventually increases profit.

- It keeps the company competitive, it helps to stay ahead of the pack.


According to ideas4globalbrands.com

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