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(Worldkings.org) IAM Market is an online listing platform that brings together people who see the commercial value of intellectual property and technology, and who want to do business together.

Intellectual property and technology are increasingly seen as business assets, not simply legal rights. Corporate focus on intellectual property has moved from the legal department to the C-suite. The only media brand in the world to fully recognise and embrace that strategic shift is IAM.

An online marketplace for buy and sell-side practitioners, IAM Market brings together people who see the commercial value of intellectual property and technology and want to do business together. IAM Market aims to simplify the IP transactions market, as well as making it more transparent.


It allows IP owners to profile their licensing, sales operations and technology transfer programmes, as well as provide details of specific rights that they are interested in transacting. It allows IP buyers to search IP assets based on industry, technology and transaction type, and it facilitates requests for intellectual property and technology.

This platform features 22 vendors on the site to list patent portfolios, but patent owners are encouraged to sign up for the platform anyway. It does a fantastic job at simplifying the process, making it not only a good choice for people who are new to the game but also an easy choice for people at any stage.


According to iam-market.com

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