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(Worldkings.org) STEP Tech Park is the first Innovation Hub with the mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. It exists to help start-ups and technological pioneers to build green-tech projects and launch their products or services on the market.

STEP is the first Innovation Hub with the goal of reducing 5 million tons of CO2eq in the first 5 years. STEP does it by helping startups to launch their green-tech products and services and by supporting companies in their innovation path of reducing the environmental impact of their businesses.

STEP’s desire is to support all the pioneers of sustainable innovation who have the mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. It aims at connecting research and innovation with the world of industry in order to create a virtuous ecosystem that allows the green-tech projects to become successful companies.


STEP is a unique and futuristic physical space of 15,000m2, set within a relaxing green park designed by the agronomist Laura Gatti, the famous Italian landscape architect who created the greenery of the “Vertical Forest” in Milan. Strategically located in Treviglio, the hub is close to the train station that connects Milan in 20 min and Bergamo in 30 min, as well as the international airports of Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio. 

STEP offers spacious and bright offices with flexible working hours, broadband connection, complete desks, a fully equipped and avant-garde lab for experimentation, test instruments and a wide range of additional spaces such as a hall for events and elevator pitches, large meeting rooms, relaxing areas, and a fully equipped gym.


The STEP lab is the perfect place to prototype your idea, test it, and improve it as many times as needed. It has an ambitious goal, just like the entire park: to shape ideas and transform them into innovative and sustainable products or services. 

The Lab is equipped with the latest laboratory instruments like 3D printers, an electronic bench, benches equipped with tools and benches for precision mechanical machining supplied with numerical control tools. You will be guided and helped by Tech Experts who will be happy to get their hands dirty with you.

STEP Ecosystem

STEP aims to play a key role in the Green Innovation

It is a large ecosystem of startups, companies, investors, mentors, institutions, entrepreneurs, research centers and green-tech hubs with the same environmental sensitivity and determination to change things.


The companies that become part of the STEP ecosystem are committed to adopt solutions that reduce GHG emissions from the atmosphere. Furthermore, they demonstrate their interest and commitment to environmental sustainability by proving corporate social responsibility and environmental management or carbon reduction actions.

Safeguarding nature, the environment and the ecosystem is the compass that STEP uses every day to move around the world and guide its activities.


According to steptechpark.com

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