[Worldkings] Top ideas organizations in the world (P. 103) ZEVinnovation (Croatia): Project to promote zero-emission technology ideas in the maritime industry


(Worldkings.org) A one of its kind project aiming at establishing sustainable and efficient network for connecting multidisciplinary partners, which are interested in technology transfer, development and commercialization of zero-emission vessels and related technologies.

The ZEVinnovation project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.  The ZEVinnovation project will support and prepare stakeholders for the development of innovative ZEVs and related zero-emission technologies.


The global maritime industry’s market has undergone disruptive changes over the past ten years which especially impacted European shipbuilding industry. The shipbuilding crisis requires the design of innovative solutions and development of new technologies. Furthermore, in recognition of the need to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants, there is an urgent need to accelerate the development and implementation of innovative zero-emission technologies.

Environmental protection standards, regulations and strategies are one of the main factors that direct development of this traditionally important industry for the European economy.

Its mission is to bring together members, interested in zero-emission vessels and related technologies, and provide lasting and tailor-made solutions to increase innovation ability across EEA.

ZEVinnovation facilitates supporting innovators, SMEs, ROs, clusters and other organisations and help them with taking successful and efficient steps into managing innovation processes.

The aim of the ZEVinnovation project is to establish a sustainable and efficient network for the development of innovative zero-emission vessels and related technologies that will bring together relevant and active stakeholders.


Its main goal is that besides the funding through sponsorship, membership fees, EU funds and other grants, the ZEVinnovation HUB will be involved in networking, marketing, innovation, development and technology transfer.

The ambition of the ZEVinnovation is to contribute to the strengthening of the transnational eco-system through the implementation of pilot programs focusing on the collaborative development and market uptake of zero-emission vessels and related technologies while connecting the capacities of the EEA countries that have a strong maritime tradition and current pioneering initiatives.


According to zevinnovation.eu

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