[Worldkings] Top ideas organizations in the world (P. 08) Ideanote (Denmark): The world's leading business idea management solution


(Worldkings.org) Ideanote is the next-generation innovation software that has everything you need to collect, develop, prioritize and act on more of the right ideas.

Ideanote is the world's top 1 innovation-led growth platform for businesses of all sizes, incorporate rich business idea management features. Ideanote is a new, more efficient way to bring ideas to life for employees and customers. As an automated, fast, and intuitive platform, Ideanote helps you launch a goal-driven collection of ideas in seconds, engage more relevant people, manage ideas from start to finish, measure your impact from day one and save time by automating the iterative innovation process.


Mastering innovation means mastering chaos. You need powerful processes to turn ideas into reality - from capturing remarkable ideas to implementing solutions that will shape the future of your business. Innovation management with Ideanote is an easy way to bring together all the ideas around you - into one powerful system of projects that support your strategy for today and tomorrow.


Ideanote lets you launch goal-driven tasks, so you can start innovating on important challenges. As ideas enter Ideanote, they go through a proven system of stages. So you can be sure that all ideas receive constructive feedback before they are evaluated, prioritized, and finally implemented. Capture ideas from anyone, anywhere to start your innovation journey.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. It’s essential to monitor how ideas and innovation progress towards implementation and measure their impact on your bottom line. With Ideanote you have true end-to-end innovation management ready for enterprise needs. Scalable, repeatable and easy enough to implement without additional training.


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