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(Worldkings.org) Ideawake is an industry-leading innovation software proven to keep ideas out of the black hole and drive new business results.

Ideawake is an idea management software that aims to help organizations to collect, evaluate, and implement ideas from employees, customers, and partners. With features including challenge creation, participation control, automated email invitations and notifications, crowd voting, gamification, real-time chat, custom scorecard creation, incentive programs, analytics, and more, Ideawake enables businesses to empower and engage employees by allowing them to contribute towards company goals.


In order to aid organizations in collecting actionable ideas, Ideawake allows businesses to create challenges to outline specific goals and collect targeted ideas from employees, customers, and suppliers in areas identified for innovation. Invitations can be open or closed to gather input from the public or limit invites to internal team members, and participation in each specific topic can be limited to department, customer list, or supplier type.

Invited participants can submit their ideas via the Ideawake platform following the challenge guidelines, and submitted ideas can be refined by other collaborators using feedback commenting, real-time chat, crowd voting, and assigned group analysis.

Gamification and incentive programs can be used to encourage participation with points for submitting ideas and cash or non-monetary prizes for winning entries. Once ideas have been collected, Ideawake aids businesses in deciding on effective entries by comparing ideas based on value, ROI, cost, and more, creating review groups and polls to gather crowd opinions, and creating customizable scorecards to evaluate based on important organizational criteria.


Reports and analytics are provided to help businesses understand the impact of each idea, as well as give insight into employee engagement, innovation health, and more.


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