[Worldkings] Top ideas organizations in the world (P. 09) Idea Drop (UK): The leading idea management platform for global innovation


(Worldkings.org) Idea Drop offers the end-to-end idea crowdsourcing and management platform for leading global enterprises, designed to deliver innovation with impact.

Idea Drop is a company that provides idea management software that evaluates, discovers, refines, and executes ideas. It offers tools for crowdsourcing ideas, gamification, notifications, idea evaluation, team management, etc.

As an innovation pioneer and leader, the platform is trusted by global businesses everywhere to create transformational solutions that can boost operations and reduce costs while increasing market share and turnover.

Designed for large enterprises, the Idea Drop management platform makes it possible for organisations to efficiently collect a large number of ideas from diverse users to arrive at the best idea by easily curating them at scale. Idea Drop makes it easy to summarize strategic issues and share them with people and groups who can help. It then leverages the power of community service to develop new ideas, solve problems faster with new insights and perspectives.


Over the years, Idea Drop has emerged as a preferred idea management platform in both the private and public sector markets. Hundreds of thousands of employees in more than 500 cities globally are using Idea Drop to save millions of pounds every year. Idea Drop is used by high-profile multinational enterprises such as Ericsson and MTV as well as public sector organisations like the NHS and Kent Police Force.

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