[Worldkings] Top 50 unicorn startups in the world (P. 03) Stripe, Inc. (2010, USA-Ireland): Leading payment software provider in the e-commerce industry


(Worldkings.org) Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. Millions of companies from “giants” to the most ambitious startups use Stripe to accept payments, increase revenue, and accelerate new business opportunities.

Stripe Inc. is a financial technology services and software company that provides infrastructure for online payments. Stripe was founded by John Collison and Patrick Collison in 2010 and is dual-headquartered in South San Francisco (California, United States) and Dublin (Ireland), with fourteen global offices including in London, Paris, Singapore, and Tokyo. In 2021, Stripe was valued at $95 billion and has officially become America's most valuable unicorn startup.



The company provides a global online payment system for businesses and individuals to send and receive online payments, as well as offers tools and infrastructure for creating online e-commerce platforms, on-demand marketplaces, and crowdfunding platforms. The company also offers additional services and tools, including fraud prevention, subscription management, and business lending. The company's products include Stripe Payments, Stripe Billing, Stripe Connect, Stripe Radar, Stripe Capital, Stripe Atlas, etc.



One of Stripe's key strengths is its developer-focused approach, with a range of APIs and integration tools that allow businesses to build custom payment solutions and integrate with other software platforms. This has made Stripe a popular choice for startups and small businesses, as well as larger enterprises.

Millions of individual users and businesses in over one hundred countries, ranging from startups to large public companies, use Stripe's software to accept online payments, run technically sophisticated digital financial operations, manage their businesses online, grow their revenues, accelerate into new markets, and launch new business models.

Users of Stripe include Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Kickstarter, Instacart, Lyft, Shopify, OpenTable, Slack, Microsoft, Spotify, Uber, DiDi, Grab, Nasdaq, Zillow, Postmates, Booking.com, Mindbody, National Geographic, Expedia, and Deliveroo.


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