[Worldkings] Top 50 creative minds in the world (P. 23) Lucas Zanotto (Italy): The unique cartoon content creator brings joy to the world of children


(Worldkings.org) Lucas Zanotto is a designer, animator and director. He also founded the company YATATOY which focuses on children's content.

Originally from Italy, Helsinki-based Lucas Zanotto is a multi-awarded designer, animator, and director. Known for his playful take on design, Zanotto uses shape, form, and color to instill a youthful sense of delight.


His creations are bright and joyful, providing us with a much-needed visual break from the complexities of today’s world. Never afraid to experiment with new styles and push the boundaries of his design, Zanotto has partnered with prolific contemporary artists like Kaws, Felipe Pantone, Shantel Martine, and Josh Sperling.


Zanotto’s artwork has been praised internationally, and his work has received an Apple Design Award, a Golden Lion at Cannes Lions, and Gold at The Promax Awards, among others. His commercial clients include Hermès, Google, Amazon, Pilot, Barclays, and Wimbledon. Zanotto has recently released two highly successful NFT collections and has a large following among digital art collectors. He is also the founder of Yatatoy, a company that focuses on apps and products for children.


Italian-born designer, artist and director Lucas Zanotto’s career is as varied and playful as his creations. His work effortlessly merges analogue and digital craft into thought-provoking films, apps, and installations. With a background in product and graphic design, he applies a minimal style and formal principles to his creative process.

Zanotto also creates intriguing apps for children through his entertainment platform YATATOY, which aims to encourage creativity through music and art. His work got awarded with a Golden Lion in Cannes, an Apple Design Award and many more.


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