[Worldkings] Top 50 annual creative events in the world (P. 30) Metaverse Music Festival (Argentina): Experience an unprecedented music festival in a virtual world


(Worldkings.org) Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival (DCLMVMF) is a four-day celebration of music, innovation, culture, and creativity, held online in the virtual social world of Decentraland. The festival is open for any and all to attend, no ticket or VR headset required.

2022’s Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival was more than twice as big as last year’s with over 200 musical artists representing all major genres. Among those 200+ were huge names such as Björk, Ozzy Osbourne, Souljaboy, Dillon Fancis, Atarashii Gakko!, Breland, Izzu Bizu, Akira the Don, and many more as well as countless members of the Decentraland community. More accessible than ever before, a global audience could enjoy these talents for free, from their browser, with no VR headset required.


In addition to a star-studded line up, the festival grounds of DCLMVMF, criss-crossed by enormous, glittering arched pathways, were double the size of last year’s venue. Music Plaza, a new Decentraland location with the festival’s enormous Main Stage at its center, was installed across from the preexisting Festival Land and allowed this year’s event to boast 15+ otherworldly stages as well as numerous Experiences. Not limited to the physical restraints of the real world, stages at DCLMVMF were something to behold, from Ozzfest’s spooky castle, complete with a giant skeleton bat guardian, to MetaTokyo’s colorfully intense venue overlooked by an enormous dancing doll.


Diverse and original, DCLMVMF’s many experiences offered festival-goers an alternate pastime to partying stageside and added much to the festival experience. Some of the most memorable were NBC’s gamified ‘The Voice’ experience in which fans would collect music notes to the beat of a song in order to get the show’s sought after chair turn and collect an exclusive Wearable; ‘The Tower of Babel’ experience which featured a serenely dark room in which visitors would be surrounded by fluttering butterflies as the multilingual voices of 38 Decentraland community members wove through the space; and the intriguing ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ experience which spontaneously beckoned users to chase a cyberpunk girl through the festival venue on each of the event’s four days, leaving you wondering when and where she’d pop up next.

In a place like Decentraland, no one is held back by distance, pandemic lockdowns, physical disabilities, or financial means. Decentraland invites anyone with an internet connection to come and make and experience awesome things together. In terms of the music industry, while nothing can replace the experience of going to a live concert in person (and that is not the goal of events like DCLMVMF), platforms like Decentraland offer new ways for artists to connect with their fans and new ways to express their creativity.


In these current times, when ticket prices for concerts can count in the thousands, metaverse events could help artists become more accessible to their fans, especially for those with physical or financial limitations. Concerts, meet-n-greets, or Q&A sessions could all be easily arranged in the metaverse, helping artists form stronger ties with their fans. Creatively, there are no limitations in the metaverse either. Stage design, performances, and appearances can be completely customized to an artist’s vision. As artists always tend to be the ones pushing boundaries, it is exciting to imagine what they will do next in a place where the possibilities are limitless. The metaverse is waiting.


According to decentraland.org

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