[Worldkings] Top 50 annual creative events in the world (P. 26) World Robot Olympaid (Singapore): A global robotics competition for young people


(Worldkings.org) World Robot Olympiad aims to bring together young people all over the world to develop their creativity and problem solving skills. That is demonstrated through challenging and educational robot competitions.

The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is a global robotics competition for young people. The World Robot Olympiad competition uses Lego Mindstorms manufactured by LEGO Education. First held in 2004 in Singapore, it now attracts more than 28,000 teams from more than 85 countries.


World Robot Olympiad is the largest Robotics event for science and technology students. Schools are invited to teams of three students to participate in this completion. Participating teams need to create, design, and build a robotic model that looks or behaves like a human athlete. Competition starts from preliminary to final judging.

In 2003, the four founding countries established the international WRO Committee (now known as the WRO Advisory Council), which decided to establish a new and permanent robotics organisation, based on the idea that students from all over the world should have the opportunity to meet with other students to fulfil the new mission statement:

"To bring together young people all over the world to develop their creativity, design & problem solving skills through challenging & educational robot competitions and activities"

The WRO Committee decided on the new name World Robot Olympiad, and new WRO logos were developed.

Finally, the WRO Statutes and a set of General Rules were worked out to ensure a sound and safe future for WRO. One of the major decisions, which appears in the Statutes, was that the international WRO event should be hosted by a new country each year and the WRO Committee should elect a chairman.

WRO was formally established in 2003, with the first international WRO final organized in 2004. Organizations from China, Japan, Singapore and Korea are considered the founding countries. In 2004, teams from China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore and Thailand took part in the first international final, held in Singapore.

At WRO, competitions are offered for everyone in the age from 8 – 19. WRO have four competition categories, with their own characteristics and challenges:

  • RoboMission: Teams must create a robot which can complete a specified mission determined by the organiser and usually based on the Future Innovators theme.
  • RoboSports: is a competition where two teams each have two autonomous robots on the field playing a sports game. The robot needs to be built from LEGO materials and a camera of their choice. The game changes every 3 or 4 years, the current game is Double Tennis.
  • Future Innovators: is a project based competition. Students create their own intelligent robotics solution relating to the current theme of the season. Teams will present their project and their robot model to a group of judges on the competition day.
  • Future Engineers: is a competition where each team has to engineer and solve real-world-problems. Teams can use any kind of material and controller for their robot. The game changes every 3 or 4 years, the current game is about autonomous driving.


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