[Worldkings] Top 50 annual creative events in the world (P. 19) Jesolo Sand Nativity (Italy): Impressive exhibition with exquisite sand sculptures


(Worldkings.org) Founded in 2002, the Jesolo event has welcomed more than 1.7 million visitors over the last 20 years, raising over €800,000 which was donated to charities around the world as well as to local associations.

Nativity displays or presepi are an important part of the Christmas to Epiphany season in Italy. Perhaps one of the most unusual is the Jesolo Sand Nativity.


Each year since 2001, 1500 tons of sand is painstakingly sculpted into extraordinary works of art by the best sand sculptors in the world. Visitors come from around the world to admire scenes of everyday life and all the traditional activities that are typical of a traditional nativity set.

The sculpture of the Nativity created by Susanne Marguerite Ruseler, David Ducharme and Marielle Heessels for the 2021 edition of Jesolo Sand Nativity.

Sculptors from around the world return to Jesolo, a seaside resort near Venice in north-east Italy, for an annual sand festival dedicated to religious art. The sculptors have used thousands of tons of compacted sand to create their masterpieces which appear to be carved from stone. Instead the works have been created with the most ephemeral of materials - without a drop of glue used - relying only on skill and water.

In addition to the classic characters of the nativity, each year has a work dedicated to the world’s peacemakers. Works representing Pope John Paul II, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Pope John XXIII have been exhibited during the past editions.

The sculpture "Tribute to healthcare workers" created by Baldrick Richard Buckle for the 2021 edition of Jesolo Sand Nativity.

Its creation each year involves some of thebest international sand sculptors, masters in bringing the authentic Christmas spirit to life, through an art form that rekindles childhood memories in the spectators.

Each year, it has a theme of relevance to contemporary society and, since 2004, it has also embracedsolidarity initiatives: up to now, the generosity of visitors has made it possible to contribute to the realization of humanitarian projects all over the world with over 700 thousand euros.


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