[Worldkings] Top 50 annual creative events in the world (P. 12) Las Fallas Festival (Spain): An epic parade of effigies


(Worldkings.org) Las Fallas Festival, also known as the festival of effigies and red flames, is held annually in Valencia, Spain to honor Saint Joseph and welcome spring. Coming to Valencia at this time, visitors will see the meticulously carved magnificent statues, enjoy the impressive fireworks display and the spectacular flaming ending.

Las Fallas is the most iconic festival in Valencia to welcome spring and honor Saint Joseph. On the occasion of Las Fallas, the city is jubilant with parades, floats, fireworks, singing and dancing, fashion shows, bullfighting... and the space is red because of the burning giant effigy. street, called falla on the last night of the festival. The meaning of this festival is to mark the end of a cold winter and welcome the warm days of spring.


Many falla are adapted from myths, history, famous artists, cartoon characters with meticulous attention to detail with sometimes quite naked images – things that easily make many tourists blush, but they all have a very deep meaning about human nature, about the negative sides that still exist in society.


It took the people of Valencia many days, using all their creativity to make these vivid paper statues for competition and on the final night of the festival, they will burn them all. In the central area, the falla is placed in front of any high-rise building that usually has the same height as that building, sometimes up to 30m… The most admirable is the art of these effigies. The faces and smiles of all the falla are very lively.


During this festival, visitors also have the opportunity to see the graceful and noble Valencian women, pretty girls in traditional costumes, and perhaps best of all, their elaborate hairstyles were done over the course of several hours.

Every day at around 2 a.m. during Las Fallas week, thousands of people gather around Plaza del Ayuntamiento to witness a fireworks display that locals say can "shake the ground". At 10:30, the small dummies made by children began to be fired. At exactly midnight, it was the turn of the larger effigies to burn and at 1 a.m., the first-prize winning effigy in front of the city's largest building was lit to end the festival. The whole sky was ablaze with fire.


The days in Valencia will be impressed by the strange charm of a one-of-a-kind festival, by the cuisine in its own way, by the unique buildings… This place still retains the traditional culture, friendly smiles always bloom on the lips of the people.


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