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(Worldkings.org) Thought Bubble is the Yorkshire Comic Art Festival! A week long celebration of comics, illustration and more spread across the whole of Yorkshire, finishing in a huge two-day comic convention in Harrogate. We use our festival week to promote the power of comics!

Thought Bubble (also known as the Yorkshire Comic Art Festival) is an annual comics art festival and comic book convention held in Yorkshire. Established in 2007, Thought Bubble has been credited as being the UK's largest comics convention. The not-for-profit festival's chosen charity is Barnardo's.

Thought Bubble takes place for a week in November each year (in conjunction with the Leeds International Film Festival), taking place all over Yorkshire, and culminates in a two-day convention in Harrogate. A dance party is usually held on the Saturday night before the festival's final day.


Thought Bubble is held in the spirit of European conventions like the Angoulême International Comics Festival. As such, it is focused on the art and literature of the comics’ form, and only minimally on related pop-culture expression and merchandising.

In addition to the exhibitor tables, Thought Bubble features art exhibits, animation screenings, panel discussions, workshops, and a costume parade. As founded by Tula Lotay, one of the festival's central aims is to celebrate female comics creators. Each year, the main image for that year's festival is illustrated by a woman. Lotay said, "Moving forward we’re going to keep this theme alive and expand it to include other diverse groups within the industry. I can't wait to see the next set of wonderful images."

Thought Bubble started life in November 2007 as a one-day event, an idea sparked by renowned comic artist Tula Lotay (aka Lisa Wood). At the time Lisa worked in a Leeds comic book shop, Travelling Man. Travelling Mans Director, Nabil Homsi, encouraged Lisa to get Thought Bubble going, he gave guidance and financial support to make it happen. The first convention took place in the basement of Leeds Town Hall. The following year the convention grew, and then grew again and again.


From the very beginning Thought Bubble’s ethos has been to celebrate comics and the people who make them. This focus on comics, the creators and the fans makes Thought Bubble a unique kind of festival, especially loved by comic creators themselves! This leads to a consistently high calibre of talent at our annual comic convention.

With humble beginnings, Thought Bubble has gone from strength to strength, with an unparalleled reputation and a growth built primarily on word of mouth and a deep love of comics and the people who make them. Now the event has grown to a huge week long festival and attracts thousands of attendees and guests from around the world.


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