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(Worldkings.org)Brilliant delivers digital interactive STEM learning experiences to students, professionals, and lifelong learners around the world.

What is Brilliant.org?

Brilliant is an online learning platform committed to helping people achieve their goals in STEM. Brilliant has expert teachers specialized in illuminating math, science, and engineering through interactive learning experiences. The courses at Brilliant “explore the laws that shape our world, elevating math and science from something to be feared to a delightful experience of guided discovery.” Their mission is to empower people of all ages to understand STEM subjects and how they affect daily life. Understanding math, science and engineering increases intuition and improves problem-solving skills.


Brilliant was founded in 2012. At the Launch Festival in March 2013, CEO and co-founder Sue Khim presented the idea of Brilliant, catching the eye of venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya. In May 2013, Khim further outlined the vision for Brilliant at TEDx.

In August 2013, TechCrunch reported that Brilliant.org had raised money from Palihapitiya's Social+Capital Partnership as well as from 500 Startups, Kapor Capital, Learn Capital, and Hyde Park Angels, and that the website had over 100,000 users. As of July 2017, the website has over 4 million registered users, and as of April 2019, the company had reached a valuation of $50 million.

Brilliant’s Typical Features

1. Daily Problems

The inclusion of daily problems is a great way to keep students motivated and coming back to the platform. In addition, the daily problems may serve as a warm-up to kick start your day and get you thinking about their upcoming curriculum.

2. Game-Like Lessons

The lessons in the courses are very visual-based and end up feeling a lot more like games than actual lessons. This is good for keeping the attention of the students and preventing them from getting bored of topics. These games are also tailored for the content so it doesn’t feel as if they are re-hashed versions of the same game that aren’t meant to be used for all of the content.

3. Expansive Practice

Outside of the lessons themselves, Brilliant.org has a large catalog of practice in every one of the topics that they offer. This is an excellent resource for students who need to brush up on their skills before a big test. Or if a student is fuzzy on a particular subject within a larger topic they can go to this page and pinpoint exactly which skill it is that’s holding them back.

4. Learning Paths

Learning paths allows students to progress from simple subjects to more difficult ones, which result in ending up with a high-level understanding of the broader topic upon completion. This can be a good way to get students interested in a more advanced topic without overwhelming them with a ton of information that otherwise would not make any sense to them.

Brilliant Courses

All the courses on Brilliant.org basically can be grouped into these categories:

Math (e.g. Algebra Fundamentals, Geometry Fundamentals, Number Theory, Linear Algebra with Applications, etc)

Science (Waves and Light, Physics of the Everyday, Computational Biology, Solar Energy, etc.)

Computer Science (Algorithm Fundamentals, Programming with Python, Artificial Neural Networks, Cryptocurrency, etc).

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