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(Worldkings.org) Studying through FutureLearn allows you to collaborate with peers around the world, engage with rich learning materials and enjoy discussions with lecturers as well as other learners.

What Is FutureLearn?

A highly unique e-learning platform, FutureLearn is one of Britain’s first online education providers. This company offers a variety of British online courses as well as many classes from American universities.

In addition to short popular courses, you’ll also be able to pursue micro-credential programs, certificates, and even full online degrees. This last educational offering is what sets FutureLearn apart from the rest of the competition. With other online learning platforms, you’ll likely only be able to take a class here or there – and usually just for fun. With FutureLearn, you could earn an entire degree.

Based out of London, FutureLearn was founded in 2012. It has over 175 university partners around the globe along with a learning community that consists of more than 10 million learners. The company is owned by the Seek Group and Open University.


History Of FutureLearn Development

FutureLearn was launched with 12 university partners: The Open University, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, University of East Anglia, University of Exeter, King's College London, Lancaster University, University of Leeds, University of Southampton, St Andrews University, and University of Warwick.

The launch was described as a move to 'fight back' and provide a space for UK institutions to engage in the MOOC space.

According to Financial Times, FutureLearn was the first platform to enable students to earn credits towards a degree from a top UK university from their tablets and smartphones, 2016.

February 2020 saw the launch of microcredentials - courses that are 100-150 hours of learning and are accredited by leading universities, professional credentials designed for to build in-demand career skills. They are created alongside the Common Microcredential Framework which is an outcome from the EADTU Labour Market project funded by Erasmus+.

January 2021 FutureLearn launched ExpertTracks - a series of courses that start as a 7-day free trial but lead into a rolling subscription, similar to Unlimited.

How Does FutureLearn Work?

FutureLearn works by offering courses, micro-credentials and online degrees to students. When the program starts, students are given access to weekly units with various types of learning materials such as quizzes, videos, and assignments. Paying students who finish the program are sent certificates in digital or physical form.

FutureLearn currently offers the following types of accredited certificates:

1. Course certificates: These certificates are offered by universities for completing one of FutureLearn’s 430+ online courses. They typically take 2 to 8 weeks to complete.

2. Micro-credential program certificates: Micro-credential program certificates are a step above short course certificates. They take between 10 to 13 weeks to complete and cost between.

3. Postgraduate certificates: These certificates require degree-level knowledge and a considerable amount of studying. They take between 6 to 9 months to complete.

Sample certificate of FutureLearn


FutureLearn Training Courses

FutureLearn provides courses in a diverse range of subjects which are divided in to 11 topics:

  1. Business & Management
  2. Creative Arts & Media
  3. Healthcare & Medicine
  4. History
  5. IT & Computer Science
  6. Language
  7. Law
  8. Literature
  9. Nature & Environment
  10. Politics & Society
  11. Psychology & Mental Health
  12. Science, Engineering & Maths
  13. Study Skills
  14. Teaching

FutureLearn courses help learners upgrade their career and employability dreams by empowering them with all the skills they need to excel in their chosen field. It increases chances of employment and prepares for further educational studies.

According to e-student.org

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