(Worldkings) Top 100 treasures of the world – P17. Crown of Thorns at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris


(Worldkings.org) - The relics of the Passion presented at Notre-Dame de Paris include a piece of the Cross along with the Holy Crown of Thorns, and of all the relics at the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, the Crown of Thorns is without a doubt the most precious and the most revered.



The Crown of Thorns has been the object of Christian prayer for more than sixteen centuries, and yet, even though there have been numerous studies along with historical and scientific research on this famous relic, the authenticity of it still cannot truly be certified.



You will find The Crown of Thorns has been housed at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and this is a circle of canes that are braided and held together by gold threads and the thorns were then attached to the braided circle, that measures 21cm in diameter.


However, over the years, the Byzantine Emperors and the Kings of France divided up the thorns over the centuries, and yet, there are still 70 of these thorns that are all the same type and have been confirmed as original.


According to www.eutouring.com

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