[Worldkings] Top 100 pioneers in all fields (P. 88) Jacob Fussell (USA): The man who opened the world's first ice cream factory


(Worldkings.org) Jacob Fussell, the dairy producer in Baltimore, was the first to produce commercial ice cream, opening the first ice cream factory.

C. Jacob Fussell (February 24, 1819 – April 10, 1912) was an American manufacturer of ice cream who was known as the first person to commercially distribute ice cream in the United States.


Jacob Fussell was born in Little Falls, Hartford County, Maryland. Fussell failed to establish a stove business. He then operated a dairy business for a Quaker. In 1851, Fussell sold dairy products from farms in York County, Pennsylvania, via milk routes in Baltimore. Fussell also sold cream to customers, but found the demand to be unpredictable.

An opportunity arose when a dairyman who operated a small catering business that sold a frozen concoction of milk, eggs, and sugar in Baltimore defaulted on a debt to an older Quaker who had no desire to take over the business. The lender asked Fussell to take on the operation.

Fussell reasoned he could, as a "country produce dealer," use his surplus milk and cream to manufacture ice cream and market it "for 25 cents per quart, delivered in moulds or otherwise day and night." Ice cream at the time was selling for sixty cents a quart but Fussell, selling in volume, was reaping handsome profits.

Faced with the decision to manufacture ice cream close to the market or near the supply, Fussell decided in the winter of 1851-1852 to relocate to Seven Valleys where he contracted a local miller, Daniel Henry, to build an ice house and ice cream factory on Main Street adjacent to the Codorus Creek. He supervised the production of ice cream during the summer of 1852. For the following two years, some of that ice cream was shipped by rail to Baltimore and as Fussell’s business became successful he moved his factory to Baltimore in 1854. This mass production of ice cream made the dessert more accessible to everyone.


For his contributions, Jacob Fussell is often called ‘The Father of the Ice Cream Industry.’ One hundred years later, in 1951, Baltimore held an Ice Cream Centennial hosted by then Governor McKeldin who first declared it “National Ice Cream Day”. On that day, a plaque to commemorate Fussell was unveiled and 10,000 cups of ice cream were given away.


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