[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 most famous vocational schools in the world (P. 44) LCI Melbourne (Australia): The ideal door for students to enter a creative career


(Worldkings.org) LCI Melbourne is the ideal choice for students who want to start a creative career. The school has produced the next generation of designers and artists at the forefront of art and design.

LCI Melbourne is a leading art and design institute in Melbourne. The institute is part of the LCI Education Network, which has more than 60 years of experience in training and educating students from all over the world. LCI Education Network has a total of 23 campuses and is spread across five continents, with students having the opportunity to collaborate with their peers in Vancouver, Montreal, Barcelona, Colombia, Morocco, Indonesia and many other places.


LCI Melbourne’s learning environment encourages creativity and experimentation. Its spacious campus contains a light-filled atrium, and modern learning studios and a public art gallery with a regular calendar of industry exhibitions. The school also has a range of facilities including mac computer labs with industry software, a photographic cyclorama, personal studio spaces for visual arts, adaptable life drawing studio and interior design materials library.

The institute offers a Bachelor of Design Arts, with various options to major in, plus Higher Education Diplomas as pathways to the bachelor’s degree. LCI Melbourne empowers students to chart their own career paths in preparation for the ever-evolving art and design industries.

LCI Melbourne’s unique Bachelor of Design Arts degree is structured so students explore the fundamentals of creative practice in their first trimester before choosing a major and/or sub-major to specialize. Students have the option of choosing from the following disciplines:

  • Fashion & costume design
  • Filmmaking & photography
  • Graphic & digital design
  • Interior design
  • Visual arts


LCI Melbourne’s program was developed in consultation with external experts to ensure it reflects contemporary practice and is built on the principle of individualized learning with the support of a connected community of creatives. LCI Melbourne’s staffing team is comprised of graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers, filmmakers, interior designers and artists who are committed and passionate educators.

Graduates from LCI Melbourne are highly desirable to future employers and have access to one of the largest and most diverse job markets on the continent, enjoying an employment rate which significantly exceeds the national average.


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