[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 most famous vocational schools in the world (P. 36) St. Lawrence College (Canada): The ideal place to explore career potential for students


(Worldkings.org) Students who choose to complete their higher education at St. Lawrence College will be opening the door to academic success and a rewarding career anywhere across the globe.

St. Lawrence College has three campuses across the region which include Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall – located in the province of Ontario. These campuses together form a warm and welcoming academic community, which is located within the Thousand Islands area along the unique St. Lawrence River. The college places a great emphasis on providing outstanding quality and tailor-made support services to all its students to ensure that they are able to achieve their potential and meet their personal academic and professional goals.


St. Lawrence College is a well-respected and international institution that hosts approximately 6,700 full-time students every year in addition to approximately 20,000 part-time learners. The college regularly delivers 89 distinct academic programs and is proud to employ over 800 passionate full- and part-time staff. Over half of these are faculty, demonstrating the college’s commitment to academic quality.


St. Lawrence College is structured across a number of departments, through which its programs are delivered. These departments are:

  • Applied Arts
  • Community Services
  • Business
  • Computer and Engineering Technology
  • Justice Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • Skilled Trades
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • ESL
  • Graduate Certificates

After graduation, students of St. Lawrence College will achieve academic and professional success, thanks to its practice-focused training approach, experiential and hands-on educational model, and its career-based support services. The school also maintains an alumni network around the world, and maintains strong relationships with a wide range of professions and areas of specialty.


The school recently launched the Dual Graduate Certificate Programs, which allows students to register and pursue study and training tailored to their individual aspirations. Dual graduate certificate programs are designed to add experience and knowledge to what students learn in class. Attending these programs can allow students to renew their post-graduation work permit, which gives them more time to study, train and work in Canada after completing their study.


There is also a dedicated career and employment support service that provides students with a wide range of resources, guidance and support in identifying career paths, building skills, applying for jobs, and other development options.

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