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(Worldkings.org) Whitecliffe College is one of New Zealand’s highest ranked and awarded research institutions in the private sector and has a long-standing record of academic excellence.

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, so called Whitecliffe College, established in 1982 and located in Auckland, New Zealand, is one of the highest ranked institutions in New Zealand. The school was founded by artist Greg Whitecliffe and his wife with the vision of building a professional, research-oriented, independent arts school.


A hub for fostering creative and technical talent, Whitecliffe College is one of New Zealand's most awarded private research institutions. It's a combination of three specialist colleges with more than 130 overall years of expert teaching. Together, the colleges provide an outstanding education that helps students develop their skills and ideas into fruitful careers.


There are four departments each offering a variety of innovative degree programmes:

  • Art – students can explore their unique abilities, build their technical skills and create powerful, expressive artworks.
  • Design – thinkers and makers can enhance their creative design skills and create better experiences for society.
  • Fashion – those captivated by the fashion industry can hone their technical skills whilst bringing their clothing ideas to life.
  • Technology – inventive students are able to develop their information technology talents and learn how to build the next big digital platform and the best user experiences.



Teaching staff are highly experienced and passionate about preparing students for the professional world. Classes are enhanced by industry-standard resources and facilities. Alongside practical skills, students are shown how to critique, debate and gain the tools required to shape their communities.

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design is a training ground for aspiring and inspired painters and designers. Fine art graduates can work as professional painters, open galleries, and work in various art-related careers. Graduates of fashion design create their own iconic fashion collections. Career opportunities for photo media graduates include creative and technical positions in a variety of trades such as editing and fine art photography, fashion photography, photo production, styling and digital perfection, …


The university's notable alumni are Benjamin Alexander (2017), fashion designer, winner of Project Runway New Zealand (season 1), Freda Brierley (1993), textile artist and Maggie Hewitt (2016), fashion designer.

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