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(Worldkings.org) When it comes to comfortable sleeping, long-haul flights can at times be a nightmare. However now, Air New Zealand has understood this need by introducing bunk beds. This makes them the world’s first airline to introduce bunk beds.

Air New Zealand’s new Dreamliners, due to arrive in 2024, will give customers more choices than any airline in the world, providing the best sleep in the sky regardless of the cabin customers choose to fly in. This includes a new Business Premier Luxe seat, designed for customers looking for more space and privacy, and Skynest, the world’s first sleep pods in the sky for Economy travellers.


Six bunks will be available to economy passengers on long-haul and ultra-long-haul flights, on both Air New Zealand’s existing wide-body planes and new Dreamliners that it recently acquired. The Skynest concept will be the first in the world.

One of the key benefits of bunk beds is that they allow passengers to lie flat and sleep, which is essential for those on long-haul flights. The bunk beds also provide an additional level of privacy for passengers who are travelling alone. Another benefit of the bunk beds is that they are adjustable, allowing passengers to recline the backrest to an angle that is comfortable for them.

Measuring 6 feet 7 inches long and 2 feet wide, the pod seems to be well enough for tall people. These pods will contain basic amenities like a private curtain, USB charging and ventilation outlets. However, these bunks will be limited to just one person at a time and there will be a booking system for sleeping bunks, available for four-hour blocks.


In addition to the new bunkbeds, the new Air New Zealand Dreamliner planes will have a new Business Premiere Luxe which has seats that will offer a luxury experience that includes all of the features of Business Premier, but with a fully closing door and space for two to dine, as well as new Business Premier seats. The idea of the airline is to provide travellers with the best sleep in the sky no matter what cabin customers are flying.

The Dreamliner has also added a sky pantry to the premium economy and economy cabins that allow travellers to grab a bite to eat or a drink throughout their journey.

Sustainability was also an important part of the design process for the Dreamliner interior. Using modern fabrics, rather than animal-based leather has reduced the plane’s overall carbon emissions. In premium cabins, the airline is switching to service ware that is 20 per cent lighter, helping to reduce carbon emissions, and in Economy, the new serviceware will reduce plastic dishes used in flights by 28 million every year.


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