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(Worldkings.org) In a historic milestone, Türkiye on Monday commissioned its long-anticipated largest warship, bolstering its naval capabilities and making the country one of the few nations in the world with a domestically built aircraft carrier.

Set to be Türkiye’s flagship, the multipurpose amphibious assault ship TCG Anadolu represents a symbol in the "Century of Türkiye." More than Türkiye’s first aircraft carrier, the ship will also be the world’s first vessel with an air wing mainly consisting of unmanned aircraft.

Photo cut from clip of Ayhan Tarakcı, Youtube

Based on Spain’s flagship, the Juan Carlos I, the TCG Anadolu is a landing helicopter dock (LHD) type amphibious assault ship. It is 231 meters (758 feet) long and 32 meters wide and boasts a displacement of 27,436 tons. It has a top speed of around 21 knots, a range of 9,000 nautical miles and can operate at sea for 50 days.

The ship’s air wing is expected to consist mostly of Bayraktar TB3s, a short-runway-capable version of the renowned Bayraktar TB2. Both platforms have been developed by the Turkish drone magnate Baykar.

The TB3 will be displayed and make its first public appearance on the sidelines of this year’s edition of Türkiye’s largest aviation, space and technology festival Teknofest, scheduled to begin in late April. The aircraft, the first of its kind boasting the ability to fold its wings, is expected to finish its testing phase by the end of 2023, according to the company's officials.

The platform will have long-range communication capabilities, allowing it to be remotely controlled from great distances. This will enable it to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence gathering and attacks against overseas targets.

Another of Baykar’s landmark platforms, the unmanned fighter jet Kızılelma, will also be capable of taking off from and landing on the TCG Anadolu. Powered by a jet engine, it shows similar exterior features to fifth-generation fighter jets. Baykar says in addition to conventional drone missions, Kızılelma will be able to conduct air-to-air engagements.

Photo cut from clip of Ayhan Tarakcı, Youtube

Meanwhile, the TCG Anadolu will be able to host a battalion-sized force along with flight and command personnel. Although its flight deck is not long enough for classic warplanes to land and take off, the Anadolu has six spots where medium-load transport, assault or general-purpose helicopters can land and take off, along with two other spots that provide a landing platform for heavy cargo transport helicopters.

The Anadolu provides the transportation of up to nearly 45 tanks, again, depending on how the vehicles are positioned on it and the vessel’s mission-ranking from amphibious war to power transfer, along with the non-military tasks such as humanitarian aid, search and rescue, medical assistance or natural disaster support in a variety of areas.


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