[Worldkings] Top 100 innovation events in the world (P. 63) Zipline company unveils next-generation drones with faster and more accurate delivery (USA)


(Worldkings.org) Zipline unveiled its next-generation delivery drone, which includes a mini autonomous droid lowered by a tether to gently deliver a package precisely where it's expected.

Zipline demonstrated its next-generation aircraft to make quick airborne deliveries convenient for consumers across the United States, even in heavily populated urban areas.

The Platform 2 or P2 Zip, a new drone from Zipline, can deliver packages to locations as tiny as a table or doorway and carry up to eight pounds of cargo within a ten-mile radius.

P2 Zip uses a fixed-wing aircraft and both lift and cruise propellers. They enable precise and silent maneuvering, especially in windy or rainy conditions.

Ziplines electric autonomous delivery drones have already attracted several businesses across the healthcare and restaurant industries, two markets that could immensely benefit from faster, efficient delivery.


The P2 Zip hovers about 300 feet above the ground and sends out a "droid," a miniature airplane and container, to carry cargo customer's door. The droid glides silently into position using its fan-like thrusters before lowering itself to get the cargo.

Compared to gas cars, zipline flights cut carbon emissions from deliveries by a significant amount of 97 percent and outperform electric vehicles in terms of efficiency.

According to Zipline, because of its Part 135 certification, the longest-distance, on-demand commercial drone flights are now permitted in the US. Moreover, it has received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use its autonomous detect and avoid technology.

Zips can soar more than 300 feet above other drones. It hovers as its autonomous delivery droid lowers a rope to direct it to a specific location as it arrives at its destination.

The innovative technologies Zipline uses are; aerospace sensing, fleet deconfliction, localization, predictive weather, and onboard maps.

Since its establishment in 2014, Silicon Valley logistics startup Zipline's autonomous electric delivery drones have already flown 40 million commercial miles through 500,000 commercial flights and plan to conduct another 10,000 test flights this year. The deliveries begin shortly after.

By the end of 2023, Zipline anticipates finishing over a million deliveries, and by 2025, it plans to conduct more flights annually than most airlines.


According to interestingengineering.com

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