[Worldkings] Top 100 innovation events in the world (P. 42) Mo'cycle company unveils world's first airbag jeans to protect motorcyclists (Sweden)


(Worldkings.org) Since motorcycles don’t usually come with airbags, some inventors have come up with an ingenious solution for protecting riders. They have put airbags in their jeans.

Swedish brand Mo'cycle has developed a world-first pair of jeans that inflate within seconds of a fall in order to provide protection for the lower body in case of an accident. They consist of a replaceable CO2 cartridge that releases the gas when the rider starts to fall from their bike.


“'The jeans are just as comfortable as any other pants, and are made with water repellent, breathable and abrasion resistant fabric,” Mo'cycle states on its website.

But in order for the pants to sense a fall, they need to be connected to the motorcycle. Mo’cycle achieves this through an elastic tether that allows the rider to comfortably move their body while still being attached to the bike. This means the motorcycle doesn't need any special adaptation to have the tether attached.

When the rider starts to fly off the seat due to an impact, the tether is pulled apart and detaches from the jeans. At this point, the pants’ airbags are activated and blow up. This is achieved by the release of a spring-loaded piston that pierces the CO2 cartridge, releasing the gas and inflating the airbag. The process is extremely fast, allowing the bags to be fully inflated before the rider gets the chance to hit the floor. As such, the $499 priced airbag pants provide more than adequate protection.


“The fabric is extremely abrasion resistant, but looks and feels like regular denim. Before activation, the airbag is completely invisible but deploys within milliseconds of being triggered,” further explains Mo’cycle on its website.

After an accident, the airbag eventually deflates, and the jeans return to their original size allowing the system to be reloaded with another CO2 cartridge for the next ride. 

For those worried that any movement might trigger an embarrassing incident, it should be noted that the airbag needs a force of around 88 pounds (40kg) to be activated. Only a fall from the bike can trigger it, reported DailyMotion.

Motorcyclists have the highest injury rates of all road users as they are completely unprotected on their bikes. The invention is an industrious way of providing much-needed protection to a particularly vulnerable segment of the population.


According to interestingengineering.com

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