[Worldkings] Top 100 innovation events in the world (P. 22) ECI Festival (China): A place to bring the future prospects of the digital economy


(Worldkings.org) ECI Festival is the celebration of digital innovation from around the world gathered in China. It is a joint effort by ECI awards from the 27 countries and regions. This event has been known as one of the top four global festivals together with CES, MWC and IFA.

ECI Festival is held in the fourth quarter of each year. With “Bring Innovation to Life” as its core value, it integrates creativity, entrepreneurship, venture capital and innovation into a single event to be celebrated with the audience from the world’s most valuable brands and agencies, prominent technology representatives, marketing gurus, and investors. Each year it attracts over 1,000 industry experts and close to 2,000 companies from all the regions of the world.


ECI Festival was jointly initiated by IECIA (International Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Innovators Association) and its partners in 27 countries and districts, such as the US, India, Israel, Japan, Russia, Australia, etc.

Rooted in China, this global digital exposition brings together some of the top organizations and individuals in technology, marketing communication and capital financing while serving as a platform of exhibition and exchange, communication and cooperation, acceleration and incubation for the industry, to drive innovation's commercial success and bring innovation to life.


The 6-day Innovation Festival attracts economic experts and industry elites from China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Nepal and other countries and regions. Event includes our influential discussion forums, annual award ceremony, innovation launch parties, networking, themed expos, innovation camps, and more.

Among the events, the most looked forward to is the prestigious ECI Innovation Person of The Year Award Nomination Ceremony, which commends the leaders and promoters of global technology, art, business and innovators; particularly individuals who have continuously and positively impacted the future progress of human society and cultural development.


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