(Worldkings) Top 100 famous products of ASEAN (P78) – Vifon (Vietnam) – leading company in producing food famous with product Vifon instant Pho.


(Worldkings.org - Kyluc.vn) - Being one of the first companies that lays the foundation for instant food industry in VN, VIFON has become a familiar brand and attached to consumers through many instant fiber products and spices. Vifon instant Pho is one of the most famous product of Vifon.



Located on a campus of 67,000 m2, with large production capacity and human resources, the company has constantly modernized its equipment and invested heavily in research to create many high quality products.



The products of Vifon are committed not to use synthetic colors to prioritize the food safety standard.. VIFON’s products not only comply with all the regulations of food quality in Vietnam but also get the approval from many countries which have strict quality management standards, such as the US, Australia, Japan, and European countries.



Despite the present outstanding achievements, with the desire to “Export to 80 countries”, its faith and incessant efforts from many generations, VIFON will write more stories about the dream of bringing Vietnamese meals to everywhere, in order to affirm the position of Vietnamese brand on the international market.



Inherited and developed the tradition of 20 years of instant Pho noodles production, through modern production technology Pho VIFON has been created with soft chewy noodles, tasty soup, especially no synthetic colors to ensure safety for consumers’ health.



VIFON is the only enterprise of Vietnam that received the gold medal for “Excellent Business Enterprise” abroad by The Foundation For Excellence in Business Practice (FEBP) – Switzerland.


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