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(Worldkings.org) - Switzerland is an incredibly beautiful country. Anyone who’s been there knows what we’re talking about, but for adventurous auto enthusiasts there’s an Italian treasure hidden among the mountains. The owner is unknown, and the exact location is a mystery save for a few fortunate souls who’ve been invited. We do know the owner of this collection is on Instagram, where he goes by the name Swizzcars.


Luke Papworth – AKA hampshirephoto on YouTube – is among the people who've visited this place and he doesn’t offer any hints as to where the collection lives. We suppose he could’ve been blindfolded and taken there in a van, which actually seems a perfectly reasonable request to us. Heck, we’d accept being duct-taped to the top of a Winnebago with a hood over our heads if it meant spending an hour in this place, because damn.



As far as car collections go, this one certainly ranks up there. Having an F40 or an F50 might be the pinnacle of modest Ferrari collection – this one has both, then adds a freaking Enzo and LaFerrari for good measure. By comparison, the F12tdf and the fleet of Challenge Stradale models seem to almost disappear. Almost.




To some disappointment, the video focuses primarily on the heavy hitters in the collection, which we can certainly understand. Some time is devoted to the classic Dino, but it passes over some older models like the 308 and 512BB, never mind the Testarossa. And while the collection is certainly very impressive, there’s a definite lack of proper classics to drool over. Perhaps this is better categorized as one of the best modern Ferrari collections? Yes, we’re being totally nit-picky right now, but a 365 GTB/4 is worthy of some nit-picking.



A big part of this collection is also the incredible garage in which it’s housed. The lighting is amazing, and the minimalist design means your attention is kept on the cars, not on old road signs or posters stuck to the wall. Also, the cleanliness is borderline supernatural. How is that even possible?

According to www.motor1.com


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