(Worldkings) Top 100 famous collections around the world – P6. Norwegian man sets world record for 'Star Wars' Lego collection


(Worldkings.org) - Guinness World Records confirmed a Norwegian man set a record by collecting about 300 unopened "Star Wars" Lego kits.


The record-keeping organization said it confirmed Jon Jessesen, a rail welder and track technician for the Norwegian railroad, has collected about 300 unopened "Star Wars" Lego kits and owns approximately 750,000 carefully catalogued loose Lego block pieces, which he uses for building projects and trading with other Lego hobbyists, TheLocal.no reported Tuesday.



"Collecting Lego 'Star Wars' is for me using the force to bring two wonderful worlds together with a passion for both the films and the innovation of the Lego product," Jessesen said.

He said his love for Lego kits and Star Wars has affected his personal relationships.



"My partner takes part in the building of special projects and might not be as quite as crazy as I am but has been affected positively," he said.

Jessesen said he is planning to put another floor on his house to make room for his Lego collection.



"The plan is to lift the roof of the house to make a new room to seat the whole collection, as well as the ongoing collection of Lego 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings,'" he said.

According to www.upi.com

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