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(Worldkings.org) - We often get news of one or two special cars going under the hammer here and there, as owners decide to get rid of them for one reason or another. But having an entire auto museum for sale at an auction is something we don’t come across every day.


The museum we are talking about is called Den Hartogh and is located in Hillegom, on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The locations houses more than 200 Ford and Lincoln cars and commercial vehicles, as well as more than 50 motorcycles.



And each and everyone of them had all gone on sale on June 23, 2018 at the hands of Bonhams. That means the cars was sold to the highest bidder, even if the sum they bid is of only $1. 



Unofficially, the Den Hartogh Ford museum is believed to be the largest collection of Ford vehicles in the world. 

It includes everything from a 1903 Model A to Canadian police-issued snowmobiles. Cars fans will also be able to buy an American cash transport car, a police car or a fire truck, all from 1929, a popcorn car from one year earlier and even an ice cream truck. 



“The Den Hartogh collection is legendary throughout Europe, and has been a pilgrimage for Ford aficionados for many years,” said Rupert Banner, Bonhams head of motoring. 

“Every vehicle must be sold, and each lot is offered without reserve, meaning that both Ford enthusiasts, and the wider collecting community, will be able to bid for their own piece of the marque's history."



The Ford museum was created by Piet den Hartogh, a Dutch national. He began amassing Ford vehicles in 1956 when he bought his first Ford car. The collection slowly grew until today’s size, as the Dutch wanted to own one of each Ford models ever built. 

The cars were owned, but not shown, until the 1990s, when Den Hartogh's wife came up with the idea of putting the collection in a museum.

Bonhams says the collection is now being sold by Piet den Hartogh’s family, who want’s to share the cars “with the legions of Ford fans.”

According to autoevolution.com

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