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(Worldkings.org) - Bob Bretall, 51, got hooked after being given his first comic book aged eight. His collection of comics is so vast it is filed away in boxes and catalogued. Superhero fanatic still reads about 115 comics a week, and is still colllecting

A super-hero fanatic has amassed the world's largest comic book collection that decorates almost every inch of his home.



A few weeks ago, on Free Comic Book Day, Bob Bretall came back from his local indie comic shop with about 480 new comics. It was a monster haul, sure, but you have to see it from his perspective.



When you own the world's largest personal comic book collection, with well over 100,000 individual issues, no purchase, short of maybe buying an entire comic book shop, is going to seem particularly monumental.The 56-year-old computer engineer averages about 120 new comics a month, making his FCBD haul little more than a slight uptick buoyed by freebies.



Comics are more than a light hobby for him, no doubt, but not an unmanageable one. Bretall likes to put it this way: he doesn't watch sports, and it takes him just about 10 minutes to read a single comic. During the hours someone else might have spent watching ESPN, Bretall will have made a lot of headway on his pull list."If I would watch two ballgames on a weekend, that's about 35 comic books," Bretall says in a new episode of The Fandom Files podcast. "If I spend five or six hours a week reading comics, I could easily read what I buy in a week."



Weighing 8.5 tons - more than a large elephant - it has taken 43 years to build. And it's still growing.

Bob Bretall, 51, got his first comic, Amazing Spider-Man number 88, when he was eight years old.

Gripped, he went back every month since to feed his appetite.

Now, 43 years later, he has a house-full of boxes and he is not slowing down.

According to dailymail.co.uk and syfy.com

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