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( Make sure your dog lives a happy and healthy life with the WonderWoof BowTie Dog Activity Tracker.

We make choices everyday for ourselves and our beloved doggie family members that affect our physical and mental health. WonderWoof, a stylish and fun dog activity monitor that connects to your mobile phone, helps you develop healthy habits to make sure your dog gets enough exercise and social interaction so they live a healthier, longer, and happier life.

Get healthy together
Easily monitor whether your dog is getting the proper amount of exercise each day by collecting 'bones' within the app. Each 'bone' represents 10% of your dog's recommended daily exercise needs based on their size, breed, and age.

Make friends
Socializing your dog, especially if they're a puppy, is crucial to their overall well-being and happiness. Our map-based social network allows you to connect with other dogs and owners and see when a doggie friend is nearby. Track your walks and share on your social network.

Walk with style
Our world-class designers created the WonderWoof BowTie to be sleek and elegant so your dog can show off their fashionable style. Choose a bow tie from seven different colors and customize it with interchangeable accessory bands.

Add multiple users
Have you ever wondered what your dog is up to when you're not home and how much exercise they get while being cared by others? Add multiple users within the app so you can see what your dog is doing in real-time when you're away from home. Connect WonderWoof with your family, friends, or dog walker!

The Smart BowTie
The WonderWoof BowTie continuously syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to provide you real-time analysis of what your dog is doing. WonderWoof attaches to any sized collar and all sized breeds.

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