Unique architectural constructions around the world (P.28) - ICEHOTEL (Sweden) : The exclusive hotel built from ice and snow


(WorldKings.org) Indulge your senses at ICEHOTEL, the world's first and most exclusive hotel to be constructed from glistening ice and snow.

The Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi is home to the crystal-clear Tome river, perfectly located 200km north of the Arctic Circle. Free of pollutants and imperfections, the natural waters of the Tome River freeze slowly and naturally in winter, to provide perfect building material for the spectacular ICEHOTEL. 

Originally constructed in 1989, ICEHOTEL is an unmissable, year-round experience. A real-life winter wonderland, the shimmering hotel is creatively reborn each year in a brand-new form, cooled with solar panels during summer, when the domed roof is colorfully adorned with wildflowers.

The perfect location for capturing the famed Northern Lights, ICEHOTEL is set within snow-topped pine forests and offers an immaculate mixture of individually-designed warm and cold rooms. You'll discover art suites exquisitely sculpted by over 40 specially selected artists, along with a glowing ice bar - ideal for champagne-supping with friends you haven't met yet! - and a truly breathtaking ice gallery.

Step inside this very special hotel, and you'll immediately understand why it has made such an impact all over the world. Marvel at the hallways lined with stunning ice art, gaze at the glittering chandeliers, and let yourself get carried away by magic!

The hotel is kept at a constant temperature of -5°C, and you may find you soon become addicted to the feeling of sleeping ‘on ice', especially when snuggled in thermal sleeping bags on cozy beds covered with reindeer hides...and with a steaming cup of hot lingonberry juice to greet your day! Toilets, piping hot showers, dressing rooms and storage areas are all located in the warm section of the hotel (no freezing ice showers here), along with the hotel's selection of warm rooms.

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Mihan (Collect and edit) (World Records Union - WorldKings)


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