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(WorldKings.org) The Piano Building in China is a 50:1 Scale Grand Piano and Violin Shaped Building Designed using Transparent Glass

The Piano Building in Huainan, Anhui Province, China is perhaps one of the most beautiful buildings in China, and if you are a fan of both music and architecture, then this just might become your favorite architectural building design in the world.

The Piano Building is a awesome architectural design that uses a 50:1 scale of a grand piano and a violin, designed almost entirely with black and transparent glass. It was designed by architectural students at the Hefei University of Technology in collaboration with the Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project and was built in 2007 in an effort to improve the economy and encourage tourism in the city.

 What’s Inside The Piano Building?

The violin serves as an escalator as well as a staircase to make your way through the different floors of the main piano building, which displays various plans and development projects that the government hopes will increase the cities economy and attract both tourists and new residents.

The bottom portion of the piano is comprised of two different concert halls and it also serves as a practice area for musicians that attend the local colleges in the area.

The building has also become a popular tourist destination and throughout the day you will see people relaxing underneath the piano and taking group pictures side the giant violin.

According to architecture-mag.com

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