Unique architectural constructions around the world (P.14) - National Fisheries Development Board of India: The government office that looks like a swimming fish


(WorldKings.org) The typical government office is unremarkable and nondescript, its purpose unknown to the outside world. Not so with the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) in Hyderabad, India.

Built in 2012, the giant fish-shaped building looks like it is swimming in mid-air. Rectangular scale-like windows puncture its silver body, while a hollow mouth has been punched into the front and it has blue glass for eyes. Its address, according to Google, is the "Fish Building."

The three-story, the 1,920-square-meter structure was designed this way by the Central Public Works Department of India for the simple reason that the work done inside relates to fishing.

"As Hyderabad is the head office of India's fisheries department, the government wanted it to be unique. It's a great building, particularly for a government office," says Shri MS Siddhartha, a manager at the NFDB.

“Fish building” is considered one of the biggest, boldest and crudest examples of mimetic architecture. This includes the left pectoral fin doubling as an awning above the staircase to the entrance, and the two circular windows acting as eyes. The building is clad in stainless steel panels and, apart from the central core, is completely raised off the ground on pale blue pilotis. Blue-purple spotlights illuminate the building at night, giving the impression that the ‘giant fish’ is swimming through Hyderabad.

According to edition.cnn.com

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