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(WorldKings.org) The French countryside may rightfully conjure images of huge fields filled with sunflowers, lavender and charming stone cottages, but one house brings an unexpected science fiction-type feel to the neighborhood.

This home, known as the Heliodome and described as a “passive solar house” by Construction21, may not be the owner’s neighbors’ proverbial cup of tea due to its very, very different appearance, but wow does it look cool.

Eric Wasser is the owner of the home, the Heliodome, he traded in the wooden cottage for a futuristic sundial-shaped home that harnesses the power of the sun for environmentally-conscious living.

By day, Wasser is a well-known cabinet maker, but took a brief departure from his work to construct this eco-house. Fixing the house at a calculated angle, Wasser’s tilted home provides good shade during the summer months to keep the house cool and temperate. During the winter months, as the sun is lower on the horizon, the house receives enough sunlight to warm the interior to a cozy temperature as well.

While the focus of the house is on absorbing the sun’s rays, the interior features much of the flair Wasser was known for in his furniture. Despite the benefits of the Heliodome, many have complained about its appearance, hoping that the eco-home of the future looks a little less like a spacecraft and more like a French cottage.

Regardless of what one thinks about the exterior, there’s no denying this home is the stuff of environmentally-friendly fantasies. There is plenty of wood throughout, though, which keeps everything earthy-looking.

According to atlasobscura.com and homedesignadvice.estatenvy.com

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