Top spectacular natural landmarks of the world (P.396) Askja: The azure water in lunar-like expanse of Iceland


( In the heart of Iceland's remote highlands lies a geological wonder that encapsulates the island's tumultuous history and enduring beauty—the captivating Askja Lake. Tucked within the volcanic caldera that shares its name, this pristine water body bears witness to the dynamic forces that have shaped Iceland's landscape.

The narrative behind Askja Lake's formation unfolds as a tale of nature's resilience and transformative prowess. In 1875, the explosive eruption of Mount Askja reshaped the summit into a collapsed caldera, cradling the serene waters that now define Askja Lake.


What renders Askja Lake truly spectacular is its setting amidst a lunar-like expanse. Surrounding the lake, desolate stretches of black volcanic sands and rugged lava fields form a dramatic contrast to its tranquil azure waters. This interplay of stark, otherworldly terrain against the vibrant, reflective surface of Askja Lake creates a mesmerizing visual spectacle.


The lake undergoes a captivating metamorphosis throughout the year. In winter, Askja Lake dons a pristine coat of snow, its icy surface gleaming in the Nordic sunlight. As the seasons shift, melting snow gives way to the emergence of spectacular water, infusing a burst of color into the rugged landscape. The juxtaposition of fire and ice, creation and destruction, converges harmoniously at Askja Lake, forming a scene both picturesque and evocative.


Beyond its geological marvel, Askja Lake beckons intrepid adventurers and nature enthusiasts to traverse the rugged terrain and navigate the untamed beauty of Iceland's highlands. The journey to this remote location is an odyssey, culminating in an encounter with a natural wonder that transcends the boundaries of ordinary beauty.

Askja Lake's formation and spectacular appearance underscore the ever-changing, dynamic nature of Iceland's landscape. Born from the fiery depths of a volcanic eruption, the lake stands as a symbol of resilience and beauty within the dramatic embrace of its caldera. Standing on the shores of Askja Lake, visitors become participants in an awe-inspiring dance between the elements—a dance that continues to unfold across the Icelandic highlands.

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