Top spectacular natural landmarks of the world (P.238) Nigardsbreen: The sapphire blue light cluster of Jostedalen Valley


( Nigardsbreen’s icy blue mass stretches through a mountain pass as if to reach out and touch the aquamarine valley lake below, Nigardsbreen is an awe-inspiring but accessible glacier popular for hikes in the Nordfjord region.

Nigardsbreen is a glacier arm of the large Jostedalsbreen glacier. Nigardsbreen lies about 30 kilometers north of the village of Gaupne in the Jostedalen Valley in Luster Municipality in Vestland County, Norway. It is located just west of the Jostedøla River.


The Nigardsbreen Glacier is one of the most accessible glaciers in Norway. This unique landscape has also inspired artists to paint some of the major works of art in the Norwegian national-romantic era.


The sapphire blue light, formations, and patterns in the ice are so seductively beautiful and unique that it is seen by many as an out-of-this-world experience. The phenomenon needs to be experienced with guides who know the conditions on, in, and around the glacier.


The glacier area is 45 km2 and accounts for approximately 10% of the total area of Jostedalsbreen. Its wide accumulation area discharges into a narrow tongue; both are generally exposed to the south-east. Nigardsbreen Glacier is assumed to be entirely temperate and the periglacial area is predominantly free of permafrost.


The melt water from the glaciers is an enormous national energy resource in the generation of hydroelectric power. It is one of the most visited glaciers in Norway, but sadly just like many glaciers in the World, Nigardsbreen isn’t immune to the effect of climate change and shrinks in size year after year.


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