Top spectacular natural landmarks of the world (P.186) Geyzernoye: The strange green pool in the Far East


( Geyzernoye Lake in Altai is famous for its unbelievable color because of the blue clay at its bottom. The thermal springs well out and bring clay to the surface forming fantastic circles that permanently change their location and shape.

Geyzernoye Lake, also known as Blue Lake, is a unique body of water in Siberia located in the Ulagan district of the Altai Republic, near the village of Aktach. The depth of the lake is about two meters and its diameter is about 25-30 meters. The lake appeared after a powerful earthquake in 2003.


Geyzernoye is one of a kind – rare in beauty, clean and non-freezing even in the winter. It always has an amazing turquoise color.  On the lake, one can see round or oval-shaped divorces, which in essence are only a reflection of the processes occurring at the bottom of the lake. There, in mysterious depths, from time to time “geysers” come to life, throwing to the surface a mixture of bluish clay and sand, which form visible concentric circles at the bottom of the Lake. You may be the


At the bottom, there are a lot of fallen trees covered with emerald-green moss. After the eruption, the silt spreads to the entire lake. The lucky one who will be present during the “eruption” and captures what is happening on the camera.


It is easy to access the lake. There are wooden boards path leading to the lake. The surrounding landscape is also worth visiting.


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