Top spectacular natural landmarks of the world (P.150) Kirkjufell: Famous nunatak in Snæfellsnes peninsula


( Kirkjufell was one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones seasons 6 and 7, featuring the "arrowhead mountain" that the Hound and the company north of the Wall see when capturing a wight.

Kirkjufell is a 463 m high hill on the north coast of Iceland's Snæfellsnes peninsula, near the town of Grundarfjörður. It is claimed to be the most photographed mountain in the country.


Kirkjufell contains volcanic rock but is not itself a volcano. It is a former nunatak, a mountain that protruded above the glaciers surrounding it during the Ice Age, and before that was part of what was once the area’s stratum. This stratum is composed of alternating layers of Pleistocene lava and sandstone, with tuff at its summit.


Kirkjufell Mountain becomes even more splendid and majestic when viewed from above, visitors will fully admire the beauty of the natural scenery like a real-life fairy picture.


Summer is also the most suitable time for Kirkjufell Mountain to exude its majestic beauty. At sunset or dawn, the clouds on the top of the mountain turn a magical pink-red color. And in winter, for visitors who love to live virtual, it is definitely impossible to miss because at that time Kirkjufell is wearing an extremely shimmering multicolored aurora crown.


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