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( The format was created by Tyra Banks for the original series, America's Next Top Model, which first aired in 2003 and was produced by Ken Mok's 10 by 10 Entertainment.

Top Model, also called Next Top Model, is a fashion-themed reality television show format produced in many countries throughout the world and seen in over 120 countries producing over 200 seasons, which are also referred to as "cycles". The show takes the form of a modeling competition whose winners typically receive a contract with a major modeling agency and a cover shoot and fashion photo spread in a fashion magazine. The format was created by Tyra Banks for the original series, America's Next Top Model, which first aired in 2003 and was produced by Ken Mok's 10 by 10 Entertainment.


Each season of the show consists of 6–40 episodes and begins with 9–30 contestants. In each episode one contestant is eliminated, though in some cases there may be double eliminations, multiple eliminations, or no elimination at all, based on the consensus of the judging panel. Makeovers are administered to contestants early in the season, usually after the first or second elimination.


Each episode usually begins with the contestants receiving training in an area concurrent with the week's theme. For example, contestants may get coached in runway walking, improvisational acting, and clothing to suit various occasions. A related challenge soon follows, such as a mock (or real) runway show or interview, where one of the models is chosen as the winner (sometimes more than 1 models win the challenge).

The winner of the challenge receives some prizes, such as a contract, a night out, or an advantage at the next photo shoot. The winning contestant is sometimes permitted to share their reward with other contestants of their choosing and on some occasions, may gain immunity from elimination at the next judging.

Losing the challenge can result in some minor punishment, like losing frames for the next photo shoot. It can also end in the immediate elimination of the contestant. Each episode, which covers the events of roughly one week of real time, is usually associated with a theme in the world of modeling, such as dealing with the press in interviews, selling a commercial product, appearing in a runway show, or visiting prospective employers in "go-sees".

In some franchises, the contestants will go to real-life castings. The model who is chosen will complete what is required for the casting, resulting in a leave of absence within the episode – sometimes skipping the photo shoot and other challenges – but is rewarded with immunity for booking the job.

Photo shoots

The next segment is usually a photo shoot, which may involve beauty shots (closeup photos emphasizing the face), posing in swimwear, lingerie or other clothing, posing nude or semi-nude, posing with a male model, or posing with animals among other themes. Usually, one photo shoot per season is replaced with a television commercial or music video shoot. Performance in each week's photo or video shoot weighs heavily in the final judging.


The final segment of each episode involves judging by a panel of fashion industry experts. In addition to the regular judges, usually, there is a special guest judge related to that week's theme.

Contestants are sometimes given a final challenge in some area of modeling such as posing, runway walking, selling a product, or choosing an appropriate outfit or makeup to satisfy a given situation. Each contestant's photo or video performance is then shown and evaluated by the panel. After all the content has been evaluated, the contestants leave the room and the judges deliberate. Germany and Austria usually feature a themed runway segment in addition to the judging of the photos or videos.

The elimination process follows a rigid format, as the host reveals, one by one and in order of merit, the photos of the contestants who have not been eliminated. Each photo is given to the corresponding contestant, who is told by the host something similar to, "Congratulations. You are still in the running towards becoming [this country or region's] Next Top Model." The first-called contestant may receive additional benefits, such as having their photo displayed prominently in the contestants' living quarters or being allowed to share in the following week's challenge winnings, regardless of their performance in the challenge.

The last two contestants who have not received their photos are brought forward for special critiques by the host before the final photo is revealed. The contestant who does not receive a photo is thus eliminated from the competition. Sometimes the last two contestants are both eliminated; rarely, neither is eliminated. Multiple eliminations can also take place.

In some versions of the show, contestants find out whether or not they will continue on in the competition in a completely random fashion. The contestants may be called forward in random order to find out whether or not they performed best during the week. The last two contestants are usually the worst performers. This format is followed by Denmark (season 4), the Netherlands (seasons 6–9) and Peru.

In other cases, the models are each called back into the elimination room after deliberation. Upon being called back, they are either eliminated on the spot, declared safe, or they are asked to wait for their results. If the latter happens, the process is repeated with the remaining pool of contestants in danger. This elimination format has been followed by several versions of the show, most notably Austria (seasons 2–9), Germany and Denmark (seasons 2–3,5–6) along with two former versions; Croatia and Serbia.

Episodes typically end with the image of the eliminated models fading away from a group shot of the remaining contestants.

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