Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.82) Malawi: Warm Heart of Africa


( Coming to Malawi, visitors immerse themselves in the blue sea, white sand, and wild nature that has not been interfered with much by crowds.

Malawi is completely different from other tourist destinations in the world and this is really an ideal vacation destination. Coming here, you will not have to wait in line for hours under the blazing sun to buy tickets to visit tourist attractions; No need to rush to book a hotel room in advance or wait long to be served at restaurants, eateries, etc. The space where this land is quiet, visitors can comfortably admire the famous landmarks without having to look everywhere to see tourists like in other places.


Lake Malawi is an African Great Lake and the southernmost lake in the East African Rift System, located between Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique. It is the ninth-largest lake in the world and the third-largest and second-deepest lake in Malawi.

This incredible lake is just one of the many wonders in Southeastern Africa and in recent years, Lake Malawi has received deserving recognition under the spotlight; what has been historically overlooked by the travel industry, has finally come to be a desirable safari destination. Voted as one of the Top 10 Places to Visit by Lonely Planet and named “Africa’s next go-to destination” by CNN Travel.


Expect beaches with golden sands, swimming and watersports, snorkeling and diving opportunities, sailing and kayaking, game safaris, birdwatching opportunities, and access to some of the most beautiful, traditional fishing villages.


Due to the clear freshwater in the lake, the conditions are perfect for diving. For safe and enjoyable deep lake exploration, Lake Malawi is a dream. And for those who are unqualified or just don’t have the confidence to dive, snorkeling opportunities are just as exciting – with so much to see just from the water’s surface.

Located right at the southern end of the lake sits Lake Malawi National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a natural gem that makes a home to Malawi’s flourishing wildlife including hundreds and hundreds of fish species, many of which are endemic to the region and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The ecosystem of Lake Malawi is utterly unique.


It’s a reoccurring theme in Africa; locals are always very friendly and they are most welcoming of tourists, holidaymakers, and travelers. But in Malawi, this kind of warmth and hospitality is amplified; nicknamed the “Warm Heart of Africa” in their native language, Malawi is a country where people greet you with open arms. Children are particularly friendly and will come and say “hello” whilst it’s common for everyone to wave at you when passing.

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